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S#74005 - Technical Description

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This page will have downloadable drawings and information for our Soemtron ETR222 electronic calculator once we start on its restoration.  Updates and corrections to the drawings will be uploaded on an ad-hoc basis as it comes to hand, but we do not accept responsibility for their subsequent use.  The files will usually be in pdf format so a current copy of an Adobe Acrobat[1] reader will be needed.  To download the files right click the relevant link and select "file save as ....".  All files on this website are ©2007- and its group websites[2] or the files respective owner.

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If you have any further historical information, circuits, drawings, photographs, data or manuals about the Soemtron ETR220, 221, 222 and 224 or their manufacture, test equipment (Prüfgeräte) or you just know more about the Soemtron companies in general then please let us know, contact us.

September 2017 - Reverse engineering our Soemtron 222 has just started and initial results have confirmed that the 222 is in fact derived from the ETR224, not the ETR220 as we thought some while ago.  Several of the main PCB's are labelled "224-" and several "22 -" ("4" scratched out), with several being at the same issue level as the corresponding PCB of the ETR224.

Part number list - a list of all Soemtron part numbers currently available to us from various documents (35Kb)

3D CAD -
All 3D CAD files have been created using the latest version of IronCAD 3D design software[3].  The files are supplied in native (.ics) and Step (AP214) formats within a zipped file.  They can be viewed with a copy of IronCAD Compose[4]

Daro 11 pin connectors - models for the Daro 11 pin plug and socket connectors. (1.9Mb)
Daro 20 pin connectors - models for the Daro 20 pin plug and socket connectors. (2.5Mb)
Daro 32 pin connectors - models for the Daro 32 pin plug and socket connectors. (2.8Mb)
Test connector shorting link - V7 test connector shorting link for normal operation. (184Kb)

Soemtron 222 Circuit and Logic diagrams -

(See the "Snagging list" file for the current list of things to check with our ETR222)
ETR222 Electronics cage - 3D model files, pdf view. (5.7Mb)
ETR222 Keyboard assembly - 3D model files, pdf view. (43Mb)

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