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General – and its group websites[1] cannot control and do not necessarily agree with the content of any externally linked websites.  This website is not associated with, and does not support any political party, activist group or religious organisation, country or individual.  We would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance and support of in the provision of web hosting and email services.

The aim of this website is to collect, collate and disseminate any relevant information about the Soemtron ETR220, 221, 222 and 224 electronic calculators and test equipment (Prüfgeräte) manufactured by V.E.B.[2] Büromaschinenwerk[3] Sömmerda, and Digital Equipment Corporation's[4] PDP–7 and PDP–7/A computers, all produced during the 1960s and 1970s.  Further information about any of these increasingly rare machines, comment on or corrections to our websites are invited and welcomed, please use this form to contact us.

All information on and its group websites whether it be dimensional, electrical, mechanical, textual or otherwise is provided in good faith and without warranty, for reference purposes only.  Some of this information is freely available in the public domain. and its group websites reserve the right to amend, correct, remove, add or modify any of the information on this web site without prior notice, in the light of new and/or current laws, legislation or practice, whether it be from further information supplied, researched, found, derived or reverse engineered. and its group websites will not accept responsibility for any damage (whether it be personal, property or otherwise), injury, death, poisoning or any other consequential loss from the use of data, information or pictures contained within or group websites, whether derived from other sources or originated by ourselves.

Copyright –
Copyright of all photographs, images, maps, drawings, diagrams, circuits and other materials on and its group websites are held either by or other copyright owners, and where possible we have obtained permission from that owner to use such material, however that copyright remains with the originating authority and reproduction is prohibited without prior written confirmation of such use by that appropriate rights holder or copyright owner.  Our obsolete and historic documents are provided as a non–profit operation to enthusiasts and like minded individuals.  We will remove, add an acknowledgement to, or suitably modify any copyrighted information if we are notified of an infringement by the appropriate rights holder or copyright owner.

Marketing – and its group websites do not engage in any direct marketing in any form whatsoever.  Any sales / marketing / get rich / pharmacy / pornographic or similar spam style e-mails purporting to be from us or our group websites will be spam and will have been forged.  They should not be believed, acted on or responded to, and in no circumstances should any money be sent or personal details released.  We do not condone spam e-mailing and take steps to prevent any e-mail addresses on our website or group websites from being harvested for mass mailing purposes.

General Data Protection Regulations – and its group websites will only ask for your contact details if we need them.  If you do supply or we ask for any contact information we will only ask for what we need, and will not collect any extraneous or irrelevant information.  We make sure no one else has access to your details and we will not resell or make your information available for commercial purposes.  Data provided by you to us will not be released to any third party without your prior permission.  Any contact details that you supply are not held online.  To notify or its group websites of your wish not to be contacted by us in the future please email us .

Cookies –
Cookies are pieces of data created when you visit a website, they are stored by your browser and their expiration will be determined by your browsers security settings.  Cookies usually do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify an individual user or gather personal data about you.  You should consult the documentation for your browser for help in changing your cookie settings.  Your browser may be set up to allow the creation of cookies, and depending on the browser used you can also specify that you be prompted before a site puts a cookie on your hard disk, so that you can decide whether to allow or disallow the cookie.  Alternatively you can set your browser to not accept any cookies, should you choose not to accept cookies, this will not affect your access to the majority of facilities available on our websites but may impact on the functionality of the and group websites.

There are a number of different browsers and different versions of each browser which all act in different ways.  You can visit which provides information on how to delete and control cookies across a wide variety of browsers, including stopping cookies being stored, enabling session cookies and deleting cookies if they have already been stored.  You will also find information for managing cookies stored on your computer as well as more general information about cookies. and its group websites only use session cookies to help us determine the number of visitors to our site, we do not look at other cookies on your computer or harvest any information from your computer, we will only keep your email addresses if you contact us directly.  We use the following session cookies only –


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2 Wikipedia entry for V.E.B. = Volks Eigener Betrieb, or Peoples Owned Company V.E.B.[back] [top]
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