Soemtron ETR224

S#32612 - Dismantling
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Internally our machine is very dirty and seems to have been stored for many years in an upright position judging by the way all the dust and detritus has accumulated on, and inside the machine, however we think that when it was in use it was on top of some other ventilated machine or air–flow, which would seem to have forced dirty, greasy air up and into the ETR224 from the underneath.  Our Soemtron ETR224 has also been dropped at some time in the past, the main card cage is bent and one of the reservoir capacitors has a couple of bad dents from the motor fan which have virtually punctured the capacitor case, so the whole capacitor may need replacing.  Recent tests seem to show it will hold a charge and is reasonably close to value.  Connections to the digit position detector photocell on the printer mechanism are also broken, we presume from continued flexing of the wiring.

In picture (S#35) you will see a label "VEB SüdThür Fleischkombinat - Kombinatsleitung", we believe this indicates that this machine was used in some form of meat processing factory, and would explain to some extent the very dirty condition of the machine.

The Soemtron ETR224 was manufactured by V.E.B. Büromaschinenwerk Sömmerda, it is believed that there are only four ETR224's left in the world.

This page has photos of the restoration progress.

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Our Soemtron ETR224
1. Our ETR224
2. Rear
3. Bottom
Covers removed, front
4. Front
Printer mechanism side
5. Printer
Printer mechanism
6. Printer
Keyboard side
7. Keyboard
Power supply
8. Power supply
Printer mechanism
9. Printer
Printer mechanism
10. Printer
Printer mechanism
11. Printer
Printer mechanism
12. Printer
Print wheels
13. Print wheels
Digit selection solenoids
14. Digit selection
Paper advance mechanism
15. Paper advance
Printer removed
16. Printer removed
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Keyboard removed
17. Keyboard removed
Keyboard assembly
18. Keyboard assembly
Keyboard bottom
19. Keyboard bottom
Digit photo amplifier
20. Digit photo amp
Bent connectors
21. Bent connectors
Card cage
22. Card cage
Fan housing
23. Fan housing
Card cage damage
24. Card cage damage
Card cage removed
25. Card cage removed
Power supply & Drivers
26. PSU & Drivers
27. Solenoid drivers
Power supply
28. Power supply
Damaged PSU capacitor
29. Damaged capacitor
Temp sensor position
30. Temp sensor
Power supply
31. Power supply
Power supply
32. Power supply
Transformer values
33. Voltage values
34. Baseplate
VEB SüdThür Fleischkombinat - Kombinatsleitung
35. Label
Left side plate, drive clutch, mains switch /indicator
36. Drive clutch release
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Rear solenoid block
37. Rear solenoid block
Rear print wheel stop block
38. Rear solenoid block
Front solenoid block
39. Front solenoid block
Front solenoid block
40. Front solenoid block
Print roller block
41. Print roller block
Print roller block
42. Print roller block
Print roller block
43. Print roller block
Motor assembly
44. Motor assembly
Mains wiring harness
45. Mains wiring harness
Control wiring harness
46. Control wiring harness
Main electronics card cage front view
47. Card cage front view
Main electronics card cage rear view
48. Card cage rear view
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