Resistors, potentiometers and networks

Potentiometers single and multi turn, resistors carbon / metal film, aluminium clad power resistors, push button potentiometers, vitreous wirewound, resistor networks, Welwyn, Vishay Spectrol, Bourns, Vishay, Citec, 422PW trimmers / potentiometers, CFR25, MRS25, W21 / W22 wirewound, PR02, thick film conformal, Welwyn RC55, Bourns 4600, and more. for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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If known, the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components, Dubilier, Neohm, Eurohm, Etc.).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new unused parts in their original packing where possible, but may have bent leads, the packing may be degraded (E.G. bandolier fed components).     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.  All components are supplied untested as we do not have any facilities to do so.

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Carbon Film | Surface mount | Wire wound | Networks | Pots & trimmers | Miscellaneous
Metal Film
J12440R33 0.60W 1% MRS25000C3309F380£0.02datasheet
D99971R0 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1008F N.O.S., FEC:9465561 or RS:683-3269160£0.01datasheet
MM551R8 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1808F N.O.S., FEC:9465820 or RS:683-327985£0.01datasheet
MG4347R 0.60W 1% MRS25000C4709F N.O.S., FEC:9468510 or RS:683-3758800£0.01datasheet
MM14120R PF01 1W 5% Eurohm1000£0.02datasheet
MG40150R PR02000201500 2W 5% N.O.S., FEC:4983609 or RS:683-56971150£0.01datasheet
MG36150R 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1500F N.O.S., FEC:9464638 or RS:683-30581200£0.01datasheet
MX27270R 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2700F N.O.S., FEC:9466487 or RS:683-3402? 820£0.01datasheet
MM10390R 0.60W 1% MRS25000C3900F N.O.S., FEC:9467688 or RS:683-3590850£0.01datasheet
H291K MFR5 0.5W MF 1% Welwyn N.O.S., FEC:9497498 or RS:149-694100£0.04datasheet
K111K2 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1201F, FEC:9465251 or RS:683-31871220£0.02datasheet
K11A1K2 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1201F N.O.S., FEC:9465251 or RS:683-3187980£0.01datasheet
MG411K2 2W 5% PR02000201201 N.O.S., FEC:4983518 or RS:683-5739950£0.01datasheet
J12502K2 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2201F, FEC:9466711 or RS:683-3449200£0.02datasheet
K12483K9 0.60W 1% MRS25000C3901F, FEC:9467912 or RS:683-3641675£0.02datasheet
MX253K9 0.60W 1% MRS25000C3901F N.O.S., FEC:9467912 or RS:683-3641570£0.01datasheet
G19616K04 0.60W 1% MRS25000C6041F, FEC:9469745820£0.02datasheet
MS449K1 0.60W 1% MRS25000C9101F, FEC:9470751 or RS:683-4130380£0.02datasheet
D196214K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C5102F, FEC:9464565 or RS:683-30391250£0.02datasheet
MM1816K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1602F N.O.S., FEC:9464824 or RS:683-3099750£0.01datasheet
20K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2002F, FEC:94659102200£0.02datasheet
MM6722K1 H8 0.1% 15ppm H822K1BYA, FEC:1751586 similar RS:487-752329£0.30imagedatasheet
MG424K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2402F N.O.S., FEC:9466290 or RS:683-33641125£0.01datasheet
G109847K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2402F N.O.S., FEC:24537123720£0.01datasheet
K351K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C5102F, FEC:9468862 or RS:683-42471780£0.02datasheet
MS4175K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C7502F N.O.S., FEC:469990 or RS:683-4262100£0.01datasheet
J221782K5 0.25W 0.1% RC55Y-82K5BI precision Welwyn, RS:167-608 or FEC:183284532£0.45datasheet
K1318120K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1203F, FEC:9464220 or RS:683-2976500£0.02datasheet
MX29120K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1203F N.O.S., FEC:9464220 or RS:683-2976? 515£0.01datasheet
K4150K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1503F, FEC:9464620 or RS:683-3049550£0.02datasheet
K5270K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2703F, FEC:9466479 or RS:683-33921700£0.02datasheet
MM32390K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C3903F, FEC:9467670 or RS:683-3597800£0.02datasheet
MM19560K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C5603F N.O.S., FEC:9469028 or RS:683-3834950£0.01datasheet
K1680K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C6803F, FEC:9469621 or RS:683-4250850£0.02datasheet
K2820K 0.60W 1% MRS25000C8203F, FEC:9470239 or RS:683-4275950£0.02datasheet
H15421M5 0.60W 1% MRS25000C1504F, FEC:9465537 or RS:683-416152£0.02datasheet
MM202M2 0.60W 1% MRS25000C2204F N.O.S., FEC:9466886 or RS:683-4171960£0.01datasheet
J11063M3 0.60W 1% MRS25000C3304F, FEC:9467947 RS:683-4200260£0.02datasheet
J10944M7 0.50W LR1 1%960£0.02datasheet
MM1122M 0.50W 1% Eurohm MF 22M300£0.01 

Metal Film | Surface mount | Wire wound | Networks | Pots & trimmers | Miscellaneous
Carbon Film
J11122R2 PR50 0.5W 5%, similar RS:707-8019 or FEC:933863270£0.05image
G13155R6 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7486 or FEC:93396393000£0.01datasheet
H183022R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7533 or FEC:9339280360£0.01datasheet
H154351R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7561160£0.01datasheet
H153356R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7565 or FEC:9339582130£0.01datasheet
H154475R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7571925£0.01datasheet
G173882R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7580 or FEC:9339701250£0.01datasheet
J1103120R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7599 or FEC:9339116420£0.01datasheet
G1535270R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7625 or FEC:9339353350£0.01datasheet
J1251270R PR50 0.5W 5%, similar RS:707-8189 or FEC:9338659220£0.05image
J2079390R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7634 or FEC:9339477500£0.01datasheet
H1545510R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7640 or FEC:1128829580£0.01datasheet
K2187560R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7644 or FEC:9339590149£0.01datasheet
J1111680R PR50 0.5W 5%, similar RS:707-8211 or FEC:9338926170£0.05image
H1908820R CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7669 or FEC:9339710330£0.01datasheet
H12461K2 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7678 or FEC:9339124700£0.01datasheet
H14851K3 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7672 or FEC:11287741000£0.01datasheet
K21882K0 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7697 or FEC:1128003925£0.01datasheet
H19092K7 CFR50 0.5W 5%, similar RS:707-8268 or FEC:9338667138£0.01datasheet
H12875K6 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7723 or FEC:93396042050£0.01datasheet
H19105K6 CFR50 0.5W 5%, similar RS:707-8287 or FEC:9338888120£0.01datasheet
K23297K5 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7739950£0.01datasheet
H177711K CFR25 0.25W 1%325£0.01datasheet
H154612K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7757 or FEC:9339132450£0.01datasheet
H149220K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7776 or FEC:1128004290£0.01datasheet
J110222k CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7779 or FEC:9339310170£0.01datasheet
K218930K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7785190£0.01datasheet
H168349K9 CFR25 0.25W 1%125£0.01datasheet
H148456K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7802 or FEC:93396121080£0.01datasheet
J111568K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7811 or FEC:9339671100£0.01datasheet
J1288150K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7849 or FEC:9339205640£0.01datasheet
J1093220K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7858 or FEC:9339329260£0.01datasheet
H1540330K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7868 or FEC:9339442100£0.01datasheet
J1439390K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7870 or FEC:93395071000£0.01datasheet
H1541560K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7880 or FEC:9339620950£0.01datasheet
H1778680K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7892 or FEC:9339680850£0.01datasheet
H1686820K CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7906 or FEC:9339744400£0.01datasheet
K2191910K CFR25 0.25W 5%190£0.01datasheet
K22403M9 CFR25 0.25W 5%, similar RS:707-7959 or FEC:1186242625£0.01datasheet

Metal Film | Carbon film | Wire wound | Networks | Pots & trimmers | Miscellaneous
Surface Mount
MF300R 0.25W 5% Neohm CRG1206-000 (1206)4900£0.015datasheet
MS50.1R MGR100 (2512)882£0.02datasheet
MF291R0 1W 5% Philips PRC221 (2512)1000£0.05datasheet
MF311R0 0.25W 1% Bourns RPC25010 (1206)4300£0.015datasheet
MF324R7 0.25W 1% CRG1206-047 Neohm (1206)4700£0.015datasheet
MF3310R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25100 (1206)1500£0.015datasheet
MF4218R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25180 (1206)3300£0.015datasheet
MF5127R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25270 (1206)4100£0.015datasheet
MF6447R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25470 (1206)4100£0.015datasheet
MF38150R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25151 (1206)3200£0.015datasheet
MF74180R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25181 (1206)4200£0.015datasheet
MF45220R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25221 (1206)1700£0.015datasheet
MF52270R 0.25W 1% Eurohm SMR1206-271 (1206)3300£0.015datasheet
MF59390R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25391 (1206)1500£0.015datasheet
MF75470R 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25471 (1206)2900£0.015datasheet
MF66560R 0.25W 1% Samsung RC3216-561 (1206)1100£0.015datasheet
MF391K5 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC2515 (1206)3400£0.015datasheet
MF431K8 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25182 (1206)2400£0.015datasheet
MF462K2 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25222 (1206)1800£0.015datasheet
MF492K4 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25242 (1206)4700£0.015datasheet
2K7 0.25W 1% Eurohm SMR1206-272 (1206)4700£0.015datasheet
MF563K3 0.25W 1% Eurohm SMR1206-332 (1206)8000£0.015datasheet
MF583K6 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25362 (1206)3600£0.015datasheet
3K9 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25392 (1206)3800£0.015datasheet
MF634K3 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25432 (1206)3200£0.015datasheet
MF686K8 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25682 (1206)3400£0.015datasheet
MF707K5 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25752 (1206)4300£0.015datasheet
MF3713K 0.25W 1% CRG1206-132 Neohm (1206)4400£0.015datasheet
MF4015K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25153 (1206)150£0.015datasheet
MF4418K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25183 (1206)800£0.015datasheet
MF4722K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25223 (1206)1500£0.015datasheet
MF5024K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25243 (1206)4600£0.015datasheet
MF5427K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25273 (1206)3500£0.015datasheet
MF5733K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25333 (1206)1300£0.015datasheet
MF6139K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25393 (1206)3300£0.015datasheet
MF6547K 0.25W 1% Eurohm SMR1206-473 (1206)4600£0.015datasheet
MF6756K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25563 (1206)4000£0.015datasheet
MF7182K 0.25W 1% Neohm CRG1206-823 (1206)400£0.015datasheet
100K 0.25W 1% Eurohm RPC25104 SMR1206 (1206)4300£0.015datasheet
MF36120K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25123 (1206)4000£0.015datasheet
MF41150K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25154 (1206)4100£0.015datasheet
MF48220K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25224 (1206)3800£0.015datasheet
MF55270K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25274 (1206)4400£0.015datasheet
MF62390K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25394 (1206)4300£0.015datasheet
MF69680K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25684 (1206)3200£0.015datasheet
MF72820K 0.25W 1% Dubilier RPC25824 (1206)3200£0.015datasheet
MF3510M 0.25W 1% CRG1206-106 Neohm (1206)4300£0.015datasheet

Metal Film | Carbon film | Surface mount | Networks | Pots & trimmers | Miscellaneous
Wire Wound
MM790.05R 2.5W black ER74 RS:158-55310£0.50imagedatasheet
H14830R1 2.5W/3W 5% Eurohm WR250 silicon coated, FEC:190370095£0.05imagedatasheet
MX450R1 5W 10% TE Connectivity SQMW5R10J, was FEC:344-096 now FEC:9874873£0.25image
H130R1 7W ceramic cased resistor KWV308-3 Vitrohm, RS:199-79555£0.50datasheet
K22390R16 7W 5% vitreous Welwyn W22 series446£0.30imagedatasheet
K23760R22 7W vitreous Sfernice VC2 (similar Welwyn W22 style), FEC:9504397 or RS:159-27555£0.40imagedatasheetdatasheet
MM13210R27 3W vitreous Sfernice R27J (similar Welwyn W21 style), similar FEC:9503528 or RS:294-28499£0.30imagedatasheet
K24080R33 3W vitreous Sfernice VC1J9 (similar Welwyn W21 style), FEC:9503536 or RS:159-225248£0.20imagedatasheetdatasheet
H100R47 3W 10% ceramic cased resistor KWV304-3 Vitrohm, was FEC:344-1145£0.40imagedatasheet
J14470R47 7W vitreous Sfernice VC2 (similar Welwyn W22 style), FEC:9504435 or RS:159-297140£0.30imagedatasheetdatasheet
J19670R47 2.5W/3W 5% Eurohm WR250 silicon coated700£0.05imagedatasheet
G11180R51 3W 5% vitreous CGS C3A (similar Welwyn W21 style), FEC:9503579 or RS:294-287739£0.20imagedatasheet
J11091R0 3W vitreous Welwyn W21 series, RS:152-21840£0.20imagedatasheet
MM721R5 3W 5% vitreous Welwyn W21 series, FEC:9503757 or RS:152-74117£0.30imagedatasheet
MM802R7 10W vitreous Welwyn W23 series4£0.50imagedatasheet
G13254R7 3W 5% vitreous Welwyn W21 series, FEC:9504095 or RS:152-26835£0.20imagedatasheet
J144022R 3W 5% vitreous Welwyn W21 series, FEC:9503790 or RS:152-34725£0.20imagedatasheet
K2042100R 3W vitreous Sfernice VC1H5 (similar Welwyn W21 style), FEC:9503609 or RS:152-448205£0.20imagedatasheetdatasheet
100R 3W vitreous Sfernice VC1H5 (similar Welwyn W21 style) N.O.S. bent 0.7" pitch49£0.05imagedatasheetdatasheet
MG51100R 7W 5% vitreous Welwyn W22 series, FEC:9504486 or RS:159-433170£0.20imagedatasheet
J2460150R 3W vitreous Vishay RB59M6 (similar Welwyn W21 style), FEC:9503650 or RS:139-324096£0.20imagedatasheet
H40220R 12W 5% vitreous Welwyn W24 series, RS:199-597110£0.50imagedatasheet
H1117470R 7W 5% vitreous Welwyn W22 series, FEC:9504982 or RS:159-477730£0.30imagedatasheet
G11611K 3W 5% cement coated (similar Welwyn W21 style), FEC:9503692 or RS:152-59942£0.20imagedatasheet
H111K 3W 5% ceramic cased resistor KWV304-3 Vitrohm, FEC:344-3084£0.40imagedatasheet
K23262K2 7W vitreous Sfernice VC2 (similar Welwyn W22 style), FEC:9504796 or RS:159-512 (RWM06222201JA15E1)76£0.30imagedatasheetdatasheet
K20432K7 3W vitreous Welwyn W21 style, FEC:9503870 or RS:152-65650£0.20datasheet

Metal Film | Carbon film | Surface mount | Wire wound | Pots & trimmers | Miscellaneous
C2270R Bourns 4114R1-271, FEC:9355707 (DIP14)7£0.30datasheet
H14811K Dale CSC09A01102, similar Bourns 4609X-101-102 (SIL9)129£0.10datasheetdatasheet
MX63K3 Eurohm SC9-1-332 9A332G, similar Bourns 4609X-101-332, RS:522-4245 or FEC:9356983 (SIL9)445£0.20datasheetdatasheet
F223010K Bourns 4608X-101-103, RS:522-3674 or FEC:9356371 (SIL8)101£0.10datasheet
MA2710K Bourns 4606X-102-103 (SIL6)23£0.10imagedatasheet
C2810K Bourns 4114R1-103, FEC:9355642 (DIP14)500£0.30datasheet
C148210K Bourns 4116R1-103, RS:522-3113 (DIP16)488£0.30datasheet
MM6310K Eurohm SI8-1-103 (SIL8)4£0.10datasheet
MX4633K Bourns 4609X-101-333, was FEC:447-456 now FEC:9356991 or RS:522-4223 (SIL9)100£0.10datasheet
H167647K Bourns 4116R1-473, RS:522-3242 (DIP16)6£0.30datasheet
H1677100K LC91 4702G, similar Bourns 4600 series (SIL8)7£0.10datasheet
H1893100K 0.25W 2% 9R-1-104, similar Bourns 4609 series (SIL9)33£0.10datasheet
B1779100K Bourns 4116R1-104, RS:522-3129 (DIP16)218£0.30datasheet

Metal Film | Carbon film | Surface mount | Wire wound | Networks | Miscellaneous
Potentiometers - Trimmers
K22100R Bourns 3266W series cermet 1/4" 3266W-1-101, was RS:187-163 now RS:521-9164 or FEC:935263510£1.00datasheet
H1891100R Meggitt Citec 422PW101 3/4" 19mm 15-turn Cermet (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7 series)17£0.50datasheetdatasheet
G1625500R Meggitt Citec 422PW501 3/4" 19mm 15-turn Cermet, similar FEC:9352490 (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)76£0.50datasheetdatasheet
500R Bourns 3374X-1-501 surface mount 4mm square, RS:240-1679790£0.50datasheet
MG631K Vishay Spectrol M70Y102KB25 1-1/4" 32mm 20-turn Cermet, FEC:9609105 or RS:186-0256£3.00datasheet
MM51K Vishay Spectrol model 534B1102 10 turn potentiometer, FEC:1144785 or RS:173-4014£5.00datasheet
C11621K Meggitt Citec 422PW102 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet, similar FEC:9352422 (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)125£0.50datasheetdatasheet
J24351K Bourns 3266W-1-102 cermet 1/4", FEC:9352643 or RS:521-9192220£1.00datasheet
MX10891K Bourns 3306P-1-102 cermet, was FEC:452-592 now FEC:108236 or RS:488-530010£0.25imagedatasheet
H18922K Vishay Spectrol M43P202KB40 3/4" 19mm 20-turn cermet, FEC:9608990 or RS:162-21525£0.50datasheet
K202K Meggitt Citec 422PW202 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet (Equivalent Bourns 3006P-7) FEC:93523333£0.75imagedatasheet
MM645K Bourns 3266W-1-502 cermet 1/4", FEC:9352759 or RS:521-92876£1.00datasheet
MG625K Vishay Spectrol M70Y502KB25 1-1/4" 32mm 20-turn cermet, FEC:9609121 or RS:186-0473£3.00datasheet
MM375K Vishay Spectrol M43P502KB40 3/4" 19mm 20-turn cermet, FEC:9609008 or RS:162-2213£0.50datasheet
K215K Meggitt Citec 422PW502 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet (Equivalent Bourns 3006P-7) FEC:93523843£0.75imagedatasheet
C2610K Bourns 3386W-1-103 single turn11£0.35datasheet
K164210K Bourns 36835-001-103 3 digit push button potentiometer3£5.00image
K201310K Bourns 36845-001-103 4 digit push button potentiometer31£10.00image
C101710K Meggitt Citec 422PW103 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet, similar FEC:9352430 (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)254£0.50datasheetdatasheet
MM3610K Vishay Spectrol 534B1103 10 turn potentiometer, FEC:1144786 or RS:460-75262£10.00imagedatasheet
10K 5% Vishay Spectrol 534B1103 10 turn potentiometer, FEC:1144786 or RS:460-7526 N.O.S.2£7.00imagedatasheet
10K 5% Vishay Spectrol 534B1103 10 turn potentiometer, FEC:1144786 or RS:460-7526 (reclaimed and tested)2£5.00datasheet
10K 5% Bourns 3540S-1-103 10 turn potentiometer RS:522-2974 FEC:1700936, 5mm shaft length reclaimed tested2£4.00datasheet
F152310K 5% Vishay Spectrol M63P103K single turn, FEC:9607978 or RS:154-301920£0.30datasheet
MX108710K Bourns 3306P series cermet 3306P-1-103, was FEC:452-622 now FEC:108239 is RS:488-533811£0.30imagedatasheet
K2410K Bourns 3359P-1-103 VA055£1.00imagedatasheet
MM243710K Meggitt Citec 4270W103K cermet (9107A10K105)10£0.75datasheetdatasheet
C720K Bourns 3006P-1-203 3/4" 19mm cermet, FEC:9352341 or RS:521-909125£0.75datasheet
MA2120K Vishay Spectrol M43P203KB40 3/4" 19mm 20-turn cermet, was FEC:868-632 now FEC:96090248£0.50datasheet
G164320K Meggitt Citec 422PW203 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet, similar FEC:9352473 (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)34£0.50datasheetdatasheet
F152420K Vishay Spectrol M63P203K single turn, FEC:9607986 RS:154-302514£0.30datasheet
J108647K Allen Bradley 90H47K ceramic carbon single turn, similar Bourns VA05H147385£0.25image
MA16100K Vishay Spectrol M70Y104KB25 1-1/4" 32mm 20-turn cermet, FEC:96091642£3.50datasheet
H1687100K Meggitt Citec 422PW104 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet, similar FEC:9352449 (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)63£0.50datasheetdatasheet
H1197200K Meggitt Citec 422PW204 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet, similar FEC:9352481 (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)84£0.50datasheetdatasheet
MM30200K Vishay Spectrol M43P204KB40 3/4" 19mm 20-turn cermet, FEC:9609059 RS:162-2711£0.50datasheet
K25220K Bourns 3359P-1-224 VA059£1.00datasheet
MG27500K Bourns 3386W-1-504 single turn48£0.35datasheet
G10331M Meggitt Citec 422PW105 3/4" 19mm 15-turn cermet (equivalent Bourns 3006P-7series)14£0.50imagedatasheetdatasheet
K231M Bourns 3359P-1-105 VA0532£1.00datasheet

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MX210R5 50W 5% Aluminium housed resistor CGS HSA50, similar FEC:1259458 THS50R50J1£1.25datasheetimage
F1529Carbon 4.7R 1W38£0.05image
G1736Carbon 6.8R 1W42£0.05image
F160510R 10W 5% Aluminium housed resistor, was RS:159-900 now RS:683-5997 or FEC:950774411£0.75imagedatasheetdatasheet
G812R 10W 5% Aluminium housed resistor, was RS:156-9853 now RS:160-326 or FEC:12593053£1.00datasheetdatasheet
MS4356R 10W Aluminium housed resistor, RS:252-2495 similar FEC:950798112£0.75imagedatasheetdatasheet
MS3675R 10W Aluminium housed resistor, RS:252-2502 or FEC:17845493£0.75imagedatasheetdatasheet
MM35150R 10W Aluminium housed resistor, RS:160-376 or FEC:95077607£0.80imagedatasheetdatasheet
MS13100K NTC thermistor NCP21WF 104J03RA Murata (0805)2937£0.05datasheet
J1184Vishay model 23, 10 turn digital dial indicator RS:199-62994£10.00datasheet
H1185Vishay model 15, 10 turn digital dial indicator, RS:509-7213£10.00datasheet

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Part numbers –
Aluminium, 150R, 10W, RS:160-376, FEC:9507760, RS:683-5997, FEC:9507744, Model 534, 3006P, 1R0, 150R, 20K, 220K, 22K, 22R, 24K, 270R, 390R, 2K0, 2K2, 2K7, 2M2, 30K, 3386W 10K, 390K, 390R, 4 digit 10K push button, 4.7R 1W, 4114R, 4116R, 4116R1-104, 4116R1-473, 422PW, 43P202, 43P204, 4608X-101-103LF, 470R, 49K9, 4R7, 510R, 51R, 560K, 560R, 56K, 56R, 5K6, 5R6, 6.8R 1W, 63P-10K, 63P-20K, 680K,68K, 6K04, 75R,820K, 820R, 82K5 Welwyn RC55, 82R,910K, Bourns 36845-001-103, Bourns 47K VA05H, CFR25, CFR50 5K6, Meggitt Citec 422PW, CITEC, MSR25, potentiometer, PF01, PR50 270R, PR50 2R2, PR50 680R, Pushbutton potentiometer Bourns 36835-001-103, R33, Network 8x100K 9pin, Resistor network 8x10K 9pin, Resistor network 8x47K 9pin, Vishay Spectrol, W21, W22, WR250

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