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74 74HC and LS series, 4000 4500 14000 series, 8.0MHz 12MHz crystals, synchronous decade and up/down counters, Darlington drivers, oscillators, AND NAND OR NOR NOT gates, latches, RS232 drivers and transceivers, SN75 series, multiplexer and de-multiplexer, comparators, rate multipliers, multivibrators, BCD D/A converter / potentiometer, Schmitt trigger, inverters, shift registers, latches, bridge drivers, data selectors, differential line receiver, display drivers, 8Kx8 NV Ram, 74HCT245N, 74HCT373N, 74HCT374B Octal D type flip-flop tri-state, octal magnitude comparator, and more.     Soemtron.org for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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14000 | 7400 | D/A | Drivers - Receivers | Memory | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals | Control - PLD - Micros
4000 Series
F1203CD4001 Quad 2-Input NOR gate, similar to FEC:1607749 (DIP14)10£0.25datasheet
D4/A1389CD4013BCN Dual D type flip-flop FEC:1014035 (DIP14)76£0.75datasheet
D4/A1389TC4013 Dual D type flip-flop Toshiba (DIP14)25£0.30datasheet
D4/A1389HEF4013BP Dual D type flip-flop Philips, similar to FEC:384630 (DIP14)20£0.50datasheet
D4/A13894013 Dual D type flip-flop unknown(DIP14)4£0.50datasheet
MS30HEF4018BP Presettable divide-by-N counter, similar to FEC:9664602 (DIP16)2£0.40datasheet
D1476CD4019BCN Dual 4-Input NOR gate (DIP14)402£0.40datasheet
A1391CD4023CN Triple 3-Input NOR gate (DIP14)77£0.15datasheet
C23CD4025BCN Triple 3-Input NAND gate buffered ST: and NS: (DIP14)27£0.40datasheet
A1780CD4028BE BCD to Decimal decoder, similar to FEC:1470800 (DIP16)49£0.40datasheet
A1781CD4042BE Quad clocked D latch, similar to FEC:1470893 (DIP16)99£0.40datasheet
B1256CD4046BE Micro power phase-locked loop, similar to FEC:1106104 (DIP16)35£0.50datasheet
MS26HCF4047BP Astable monostable multivibrator (DIP14)2£0.50datasheet
B1865CD4049UBCN Hex inverter FEC:1014038 (DIP16)99£0.50datasheet
C1955HCF4050BE Hex buffer driver, similar to FEC:1094194 (DIP16)24£0.30datasheet
MS18HCF4050M013TR Hex buffer driver, ST: (SO16)1443£0.10datasheet
A1210CD4063BE 4bit magnitude comparator, similar to FEC:1607914 (DIP16)100£0.35datasheet
A1279CD4069UBE CMOS Hex inverter, similar to FEC:1106113 (DIP14)48£0.30datasheet
MS27HCF4069BE CMOS Hex inverter (DIP14)2£0.30datasheet
D1475CD4070BE Quad exclusive OR gate Texas, similar to RS:527-069 or FEC:1106114 (DIP14)400£0.20datasheet
A1782MC4076BCP 4-bit D type register (DIP16)23£1.00datasheet
A1390CD4081 Quad 2-Input AND gate, similar to FEC:1106116 (DIP14)24£0.30datasheet
MS31CD4089BE Binary rate multiplier, similar to FEC:1740287 (DIP16)5£2.00datasheet
A1207HCF4098BE Dual monostable multivibrator, similar to FEC:1607838 (DIP16)85£0.30datasheet
MS25CD4098BE Dual monostable multivibrator, similar to RS:527-293 or FEC:1106121 (DIP16)17£0.25datasheet
MS17HCF40106M013TR Hex inverters Schmitt trigger ST:, RS:714-0534 or FEC:1652024 (SO14)1486£0.10datasheet
C1202CD40106 Hex inverters Schmitt trigger, similar to FEC:1106097 (DIP14)38£0.40datasheet
C10HCF40106BM1 Hex inverters Schmitt trigger (SO14)550£0.40datasheet
B1671CD4511BE BCD-7 segment latch decoder driver, similar to FEC:385980 (DIP16)45£0.50datasheet
MG19HCF4516BE Presettable binary up/down counter, similar to FEC:1209162 (DIP16)25£0.30datasheet
A1206CD4518BE Dual 4bit binary up-down counter, similar to FEC:1106123 (DIP16)85£0.50datasheet
D10HEF4527BP BCD rate multiplier Philips, similar to FEC:1740288 (DIP16)114£0.20datasheet
D10CD4527BE BCD rate multiplier RCA / Harris, similar to FEC:1740288 (DIP16)6£0.20datasheet
D1205CD4538BCN Dual precision monostable, similar to FEC:1014048 (DIP16)300£0.75datasheet

4000 | 7400 | D/A | Drivers - Receivers | Memory | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals | Control / PLD / Micros
14000 Series
A1394MC14002BCP Dual 4-Input NOR gate (DIP14)20£0.50datasheet
MA40MC14008 4-bit full adder, similar to FEC:9665757 or RS:640-254 (DIP16)6£0.50datasheet
A1204MC14011BCP Quad NAND gate, similar to FEC:9665463 or RS:519-0013 (DIP14)190£0.30datasheet
B1667MC14017BCP 5 stage Johnson decade counter, similar to FEC:9666621 or RS:518-8739 (DIP16)7£0.40datasheet
C1209MC14025BCP Triple 3-Input NOR gate, similar to FEC:9665285 or RS:519-0192 (DIP14)24£0.40datasheet
A1211MC14044BCP Quad RS latch, similar to FEC:9664653 or RS:519-0265 (DIP16)69£0.40datasheet
B1669MC14060BCP 14-bit binary counter and oscillator, similar to FEC:9665560 or RS:518-9029 (DIP16)17£0.40datasheet
C1475MC14070BCP Quad exclusive OR gate Motorola, similar to FEC:9665714 or RS:519-0366 (DIP14)127£0.30datasheet
C4MC14073BCP Triple 3-Input AND gate Motorola, similar to RS:519-0394 or FEC:1705997 (DIP14)5£0.50datasheet
D1MC14078 Single 8-Input NOR gate (DIP14)9£0.50datasheet
B1478MC14082B Dual 4-Input AND gate, RS:518-9170 or FEC:9664742 (DIP14)35£0.30datasheet
B1393MC14093BCP Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt trigger, similar to FEC:9665609 or RS:519-0445 (DIP16)24£0.40datasheet
B1477MC14175B Quad D type flip-flop, similar to FEC:1607714 or RS:519-0473 (DIP16)18£0.40datasheet
A1212MC14510BCP BCD up/down counter (DIP16)61£0.80datasheet
C1392MC14516BCP 4-bit binary up/down counter, similar to FEC:9665293 or RS:519-0552 (DIP16)640£0.50datasheet
C2232MC14519BCP Quad 2-Channel data selector / Quad exclusive NOR (DIP16)55£2.50datasheet
A1208MC14527BP BCD rate multiplier (DIP16)25£0.40datasheet

4000 | 14000 | D/A | Drivers - Receivers | Memory | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals | Controllers - PLD - Micros
7400 Series
A127574LS00N Quad 2-Input NAND gate, similar to FEC:1740021 or RS:307-480 (DIP14)8£0.20datasheet
B1745MC74HC02AN Quad 2-Input NOR Gate Motorola & Harris, similar to FEC:380350 or RS:442-909 (DIP14)49£0.35datasheet
A127474F04 Hex inverter, similar to FEC:1470854 or RS:630-128 (DIP14)30£0.25datasheet
C200674HC04B Hex inverter, similar to FEC:380362 or RS:714-0877 (DIP14)130£0.15datasheet
A12767406N Hex inverter buffer driver, similar to FEC:2381011 or RS:306-320 (DIP14)99£0.40datasheet
S13DM7407 Hex buffer driver open collector output, similar FEC:1105939 RS:923-2310 (DIP14)1£0.30datasheet
C2403CD74HCT08 Quad 2-Input AND gate, similar to FEC:1105965 or RS:833-664 (DIP14)7£0.25datasheet
C200774HC10B Triple 3-Input NAND gate, similar to FEC:9755438 or RS:333-2811 (DIP14)23£0.35datasheet
C22M74HCT10B1 Triple 3-Input NAND gate SGS-Thomson, similar to FEC:1211736 or RS:709-3122 (DIP14)150£0.25datasheet
A127774HC14N Hex inverter Schmitt trigger, similar to FEC:380404 or RS:442-943 (DIP14)11£0.35datasheet
C874HCT14 Hex inverter Schmitt trigger Philips CMOS, similar to FEC:381822 or RS:526-577 (SO14)22£0.25datasheet
A1277ADM74LS14N Hex inverter Schmitt trigger Fairchild, similar FEC:1106073 (DIP14)8£0.20datasheet
MS2874HCT20E Dual 4-input NAND gate, similar to FEC:9591699 or RS:709-2961 (DIP14)5£0.35datasheet
B207674HC74 Dual D type flip-flop, similar to FEC:9591699 or RS:518-9710 (DIP14)102£0.35datasheet
C200874HC85N 4-bit magnitude comparator, similar to FEC:380489 or RS:309-105 (DIP16)9£0.40datasheet
B212774HC132 Quad 2-Input NAND gate Schmitt trigger inputs National Semiconductor, similar to FEC:380532 or RS:443-025 (DIP14)3£0.25datasheet
B2127BMC74HC132 Quad 2-Input NAND gate Schmitt trigger inputs Motorola, was RS:184-2495, similar to FEC:9666923 or RS:671-1731 (SO14)7£0.20datasheet
C200974HC138N 3-8 line decoder demultiplexer, similar to FEC:380544 (DIP16)25£0.25datasheet
A127874LS138 3-8 line decoder demultiplexer, similar to FEC:1739824 (DIP16)46£0.25datasheet
MG2674HCT138 3-8 line decoder demultiplexer, similar to FEC:1868458 (DIP16)96£0.15datasheet
C212674HC139 Dual 2-4 line decoder multiplexer, similar to FEC:380556 (DIP16)8£0.25datasheet
C212874LS145 1 of 10 decoder driver open collector, similar to FEC:1470804 (DIP16)1£0.70datasheet
MX23DM74LS164 8-bit parallel out serial shift register, similar to 1178439 (DIP14)1£0.50datasheet
B149774HCT191E Presettable synchronous 4-bit binary up/down counter, similar to FEC:1434012 (DIP16)95£0.20datasheet
D6T74LS191B1 Presettable synchronous 4-bit binary up/down counter, similar to FEC:1470788 (DIP16)102£0.75datasheet
A122274LS244N Octal buffer line driver, similar to FEC:1106084 (DIP20)5£0.50datasheet
B174774HCT245N Octal bus transceiver tri-state, similar to FEC:9591931 (DIP20)109£0.30datasheet
B239074HCT273B Octal D flip-flop +reset, similar to FEC:382309 (DIP20)80£0.35datasheet
C174874HCT373N Octal D-type transparent latch tri-state, similar to FEC:382358 (DIP20)59£0.30datasheet
B228774HCT374B Octal D type flip-flop tri-state, similar to FEC:382360 (DIP20)42£0.30datasheet
G574LS374N Octal D type flip-flop tri-state, similar to FEC:1739883 or RS:309-262 (DIP20)1£0.50datasheet
C243474LS378N Hex D type flip-flop with enable, similar to FEC:1739885 (DIP20)4£0.75datasheet
C212574HC595 8-bit serial in/out, parallel out shift register, similar to FEC:3166028 (DIP16)13£0.40datasheet
B243074HCT640N Octal bus transceiver 3-state inverting, similar to FEC:382474 (DIP20)59£0.60datasheet
B174674LS682N Octal magnitude comparator, similar to FEC:1470950 (DIP20)19£1.25datasheet
B242974HCT688 8-bit magnitude comparator, similar to FEC:382504 (DIP20)37£0.60datasheet
A178474C922 16 key encoder, similar to FEC:1013909 (DIP18)15£7.50datasheet

4000 | 14000 | 7400 | Drivers - Receivers | Memory | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals | Controllers - PLD - Micros
Digital to Analog
B2286AD569JN 16-Bit Monotonic Voltage Output D/A Converter Analog Devices, similar to FEC:1438379 or RS:709-5967 (DIP28)2£25.00datasheet
F301CXA1145P Sony RGB Encoder 0.4", was RS:215-5102 (DIP24)2£2.00datasheet datasheet
D1952AD7523JN 8-bit multiplying D/A converter Analog Devices, similar to RS:429-041 (DIP16)2£8.00datasheet
B1462AD7525KN 3.5 digit BCD D/A converter / potentiometer Analog Devices (DIP18)10£10.00datasheet
B1499MP7545BLN Buffered multiplying 12-bit D/A converter (DIP20)9£10.00datasheet
MG16AD7545N CMOS 12-Bit buffered multiplying DAC D/A Converter Analog Devices, similar to FEC:9604561 or RS:522-9127(DIP20)5£7.50datasheet
B2276TLC7524CN 8-bit multiplying D/A converter, similar to FEC:1102997 or RS:650-087 (DIP16)5£2.00datasheet
H8DAC7800KP 2 channel 12 bit D-A converter Burr Brown, RS:427-966 (DIP16)2£15.00datasheet

4000 | 14000 | 7400 | D/A | Memory | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals | Controllers - PLD - Micros
Drivers - Receivers
MG2PCA82C251 CAN transceiver 24V systems Philips (DIP08)5£2.50datasheet
B2401MAX202CPE RS232 transceiver Maxim, was RS:225-8504 now RS:540-3202, similar to FEC:9726047 (SO16)100£1.25datasheet
B2401BHIN202CP RS232 transceiver Intersil, RS:642-4547 FEC:1201541 (DIP16)1£0.25datasheet
B2401BMAX202ECSE RS232 transceiver, was RS:225-8504 now RS:540-3202, similar to FEC:9726047 (SO16)83£0.75datasheet
MG21ST232CN RS232 transceiver, similar to FEC:1077192 or RS:355-3305 (DIP16)83£0.75datasheet
C9MAX232E Dual RS232 transceiver, similar to FEC:9724427 or RS:540-3268 (SO08)32£1.75datasheet
C1953L298N Dual full bridge driver 4A 45V, similar to FEC:1589425 or RS:636-384 (Multiwatt15 V)24£2.00datasheet
MX44RCV420KP 4-20mA current loop receiver, RS:311-574 or FEC:1219421 (DIP16)1£7.00datasheet
H22MAX483CPA Slew rate limited RS-485/RS-422 transceivers Maxim, FEC:9725229 or RS:540-3921 (DIP08)2£1.50datasheet
MX51MAX485CP RS-485/RS-422 transceivers low power, was RS:299-935 now RS:540-2243 or FEC:9725210 (DIP08)24£2.50datasheet
MG22ULN2003A 7-Channel Darlington 50V 0.5A common emitter drivers, similar to FEC:1094421 or RS:436-8451 (DIP16)20£0.40datasheet
MX48IR2101 High & Low side MOSFET / IGBT driver, was RS:395-4534 now RS:541-2717 or FEC:8638713 (DIP08)4£2.00datasheet
MX49IR2102 High & Low side MOSFET / IGBT driver, was RS:415-4218, similar FEC:1023201 (DIP08)4£2.00datasheet
MX50IR2121 Low side MOSFET driver RS:541-2818 or FEC:9101705 (DIP08)4£4.00datasheet
C2124ULN2803A 8-Channel Darlington 50V 0.5A common emitter drivers, similar to FEC:1094428 or RS:714-1167 (DIP18)47£0.30datasheet
B1743ULN2804A 8-Channel Darlington 50V 0.5A common emitter drivers, similar to FEC:1094429 or RS:686-8199 (DIP18)133£0.35datasheet
B2402UDN2981A 8-Channel source drivers, similar to FEC:1193495 or RS:162-795 (DIP18)27£2.00datasheet
B2285UDN2982A 8-Channel source drivers, similar to FEC:1521728 (DIP18)84£2.00datasheet
D2420NJM3770AD3 Stepper motor driver, similar to FEC:1159695 or RS:657-195 (DIP16)83£2.00datasheet
MG18MC68681P UART Dual Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (DIP40)2£5.00datasheet
C2129SN75150N RS232 Dual line driver (DIP08)5£0.75datasheet
C2147SN75175N Quad differential line receiver, similar to FEC:1106029 or RS:630-904 (DIP16)19£1.80datasheet
C2049DS8820N Differential bus/line receiver (DIP14)17£3.50datasheet
C21ICM7217IJI 4 digit presettable up/down counter and LED common anode display driver Maxim (DIP28)10£5.00datasheet
MG25ICM7218CIJI 8 digit common anode LED microprocessor compatible multiplexed display decoder driver FEC:406016 (DIP28)25£10.00datasheet
H2MAX7219CWG 8 digit LED display driver serially interfaced Maxim, FEC:9726357 or RS:622-9493(SO24)1£5.00datasheet
C2106UA9637 RS422 Dual differential line receiver, similar to FEC:1564881 (DIP08)2£0.75datasheet

4000 | 14000 | 7400 | D/A | Drivers - Receivers | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals | Controllers - PLD - Micros
Memory - RAM - EProm - Flash
D8AT17C256-10PC FPGA configuration E2PROM (DIP08)39£3.00datasheet
MX14TMS2732A-45JL 32Kb (4Kb x8) MOS UV-Erasable EPROM (DIP24) N.O.S.5£2.50datasheet
C1498M27C32A-4F1 32Kb (4Kb x8) MOS UV-Erasable EPROM ST: (DIP24)8£5.00datasheet
B1744M27C64A-15F1 64Kb (8Kb x8) PROM, similar to FEC:1094265 or RS:415-1512 (DIP28)27£4.50datasheet
B1744A27C64A-15F1 64Kb (8Kb x8) PROM, Signetics 27C64-20 (2) National Semiconductor NMC27C64Q (14), programmed need erasing, similar to FEC:1094265 or RS:415-1512 (DIP28)16£2.50datasheet
MX16TMS27C64-20JL 64Kb (8Kb x8) UV-Erasable EPROM, similar to FEC:1094265 or RS:714-7664 (DIP28)8£4.50datasheet
A1220M27C256B-15 256Kb (32Kb x8) 150ns EPROM, similar to FEC:1125431 or RS:368-8928 (DIP28)4£5.50datasheet
MG24M27C256B-12 256Kb (32Kb x8) 120ns EPROM, similar to FEC:3025147 or RS:368-8912 (DIP28)2£2.50datasheet
C1HM365756H5 256Kb (32Kb x8) high speed CMOS ram Matra Harris2£10.00datasheet
G4uPD43256AC-55L 256Kb (32Kb x8) CMOS static RAM NEC, was RS:265-465 now RS:538-148 (DIP28)3£1.50datasheet
MG10M29F040-90 4Mb (512Kb x8) single supply flash memory, similar to RS:387-944 (TSOP32)32£1.00datasheet
MG10M29F040-90 4Mb (512Kb x8) single supply flash memory, similar to RS:387-944 (TSOP32) N.O.S.13£0.50datasheet
MG29M48Z08-100 64Kb (8Kb x8) NV Ram by ST, similar to FEC:9756418 or RS:189-2428 (DIP40)14£10.00datasheetdatasheet
MG29M48Z18-100PC1 64Kb (8Kb x8) Zeropower Ram by ST, FEC:9756426 or RS:714-7572 (DIP40)1£7.50datasheetdatasheet
MG29DS1225Y 64Kb (8Kb x8) NV Ram by Dallas, now DS1225AD, similar to FEC:9756418 (DIP40)1£7.50datasheet
C17K6R1016C1C-JC15 1Mb (64Kb x16) Samsung K6R1016C1C-JC15 or Toshiba TC551664 RAM (SOJ44)10£1.50datasheetdatasheet
C19TC5517AP 16Kb (2Kb x8) General purpose CMOS static RAM Toshiba (DIP24)1£5.00datasheet
C20CDM6116AC3 16Kb (2Kb x8) High reliability static RAM RCA (DIP24)1£5.00datasheet

4000 | 14000 | 7400 | D/A | Drivers - Receivers | Memory | Controllers - PLD - Micros
Oscillators - Timers - Crystals
H99991.0MHz Crystal ACT HC6/U1£2.00image
MA73.686MHz crystal, similar to FEC:1538705 or RS:226-1538 (HC49 HC18U)26£0.75datasheet
F314.433619MHx crystal IQD LFXTAL003099, was Farnell:170-231 now 9712739 (HC49U HC18U)2£0.40datasheet
S478.0MHz crystal LFA140E surface mount, FEC:9713794 RS: 130-8838 (HC49-4H)1£0.40datasheet
J24188.0MHz 30ppm crystal, Anglia:607415 Farnell:1640867 (HC49 HC18U)183£0.50datasheet
J2418A8.0MHz 30ppm crystal (HC49 HC18U)1£0.50datasheet
C278.0MHz oscillator module LK08000H Hudson, Anglia:610015 (DIP14)66£1.00datasheet
J241912.0MHz 30ppm crystal (HC49 HC18U)184£0.45datasheet
C238916.0MHz EXO3 6A oscillator module Kyocera Kinseki (DIP08)25£5.00datasheet
B2416CP82C54 CMOS programmable interval timer, similar to FEC:1018175 or RS:496-688 (DIP24)86£4.00datasheet
F1956H6006A2 Failsafe watchdog (DIP08)13£1.50datasheet
C12NE555D Single precision timer ST, similar to FEC:1737167 or RS:785-818A (SO08)98£0.10datasheet
G14NE555N Single precision timer, was FEC:1467742 now FEC:1755011 or RS:305-478A (DIP08)4£0.25datasheet
C25NE556N Dual timer Signetics, similar FEC:2349784 or RS:528-416 (DIP14)27£0.20datasheet
MX17ZN1034E Precision timer RS:305-850 (DIP14)17£3.00datasheet
V39ZEA/200 Marconi crystal marked ZEA/200 Mar 62 MWH, glass envelope B9A base - 200kHz?1£5.00~

4000 | 14000 | 7400 | D/A | Drivers - Receivers | Memory | Oscillators - Timers - Crystals
Controllers - PLD - Microprocessors
H9GAL16V8B-25LP High Performance E2CMOS PLD, was RS:193-6477 (DIP20)1£3.00datasheet
C28/C24MC68008 16-Bit Microprocessor with 8-Bit data bus Motorola (DIP48)5£20.00datasheet
C2391MC68S711E9CFN2 Microcontroller (MC68HC711) sealed in vacuum pack138£5.00datasheet
C2415PPMC-103A Stepper motor controller Sil-Walker Inc, sealed in vacuum pack (DIP40)45£12.50datasheet datasheet
C2415PPMC-103A Stepper motor controller Sil-Walker Inc (DIP40)214£10.00datasheet datasheet
B2438PALCE16V8Q-25 Programmable logic device 8 I/o 8 terms, similar to FEC:9699767 or RS:215-0539 (DIP20)521£2.50datasheet
B2439PALCE22V10Q-25 Programmable logic device 12 I/o 10 terms, similar to FEC:9699643 or RS:268-0462 (DIP24)120£3.00datasheet
MX47AT9052313-10PC MCU + flash Atmel (DIP20)5£10.00~~

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Part numbers -
CD4001, CD4013BCN, TC4013, HEF4013BP, HEF4018BP, CD4019BCN, CD4023CN, CD4025BCN, CD4028BE, CD4042BE, CD4046BE, HCF4047BP, CD4049UBCN, HCF4050BE, HCF4050M013TR, CD4051BCN, CD4063BE, CD4069UBE, HCF4069BE, MC4076BCP, CD4081, CD4089BE, HCF4098BE, CD4098BE, HCF40106M013TR, CD40106, HCF40106BM1, CD4511BE, HCF4516BE, CD4518BE, HEF4527BP, CD4538BCN, MC14002BCP, MC14008, MC14011BCP, MC14017BCP, MC14025BCP, MC14044BCP, MC14060BCP, MC14070BCP, MC14073BCP, MC14078, MC14082B, MC14093BCP, MC14175B, MC14510BCP, MC14516BCP, MC14519BCP, MC14527BP, 74LS00N, MC74HC02AN, 74F04, 74HC04B, 7406N, CD74HCT08, 74HC10B, M74HCT10B1, 74HC14N, 74HCT14, 74HCT20E, 74HC74, 74HC85N, 74HC132, 74HC138N, 74LS138, 74HCT138, 74HC139, 74LS145, DM74LS164, 74HCT191E, T74LS191B1, 74LS244N, 74HCT245N, 74HCT273B, 74HCT373N, 74HCT374B, 74LS378N, 74HC595, 74HCT640N, 74LS682N, 74HCT688, 74C922, AD569JN, AD7523JN, AD7525KN, MP7545BLN, AD7545N, TLC7524CN, MAX202CPE, ST232CN, MAX232E, L298N, ULN2003A, ULN2803A, ULN2804A, ULN2805, UDN2981A, UDN2982A, NJM3770AD3, MC68681P, SN75150N, SN75175N, ICM7217IJI, ICM7218CIJI, PCA82C251, UA9637, AT17C256-10PC, DS1225Y, TMS2732A-45JL, M27C64A, TMS27C64-20JL, M27C256B-15, M27C256B-12, M29F040-90, M29F040-90, M48Z08-100, K6R1016C1C-JC15, TC5517AP, CDM6116AC3, NE555D, 3.686MHz crystal, 8.0MHz crystal, 12.0MHz crystal, EXO3 6A 16.000M CP82C54, H6006A2, LK08000H, ZN1034E, MC68008, MC68S711, PPMC-103A, PALCE16V8Q-25, PALCE22V10Q-25

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