Thermionic Valves (tubes)

Valves, thermionic valves, radio valves, tubes.  All our valves are N.O.S. = New Old Stock in their original packing by Brimar, Cossor, Hitachi, Kalotron Thermosen Inc, Ken-rad, Marconi, Mazda, Mullard, Pinnacle, Raphone, RTC and Zaerex. for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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If known, the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (Mullard, Pinnacle, Brimar, Etc.).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, all of the thermionic valves listed here are believed to be new and unused and in their original packing unless listed, however due to their age the packing may be degraded.  All of the thermionic valves listed are supplied untested as we do not have any facilities to do so.

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Valves - Tubes - Thermoelectronics
V1DM160 Mullard, Voltage indicator tube for transistorised circuits, equivalent to CV5412 697761£1.50datasheet
V2EAF42 Mullard, Diode pentode with variable mµ1£5.00datasheet
V3EBF83 Mullard, Double diode pentode, low voltage anode, similar to 6DR81£2.50datasheet
V4EBF89 Mullard, Double diode variable mµ pentode, common cathode, similar to 6DC8 6FD12, used1£2.50datasheet
V36PC97 Pinnacle, Frame grid triode signal pre–amplifier, high mutual conductance, similar to 4FY51£2.50datasheet
V30ECC84 Brimar, VHF double triode, similar to 6CW7 6L16 CV5281 (PCC84)1£3.00datasheet
V6ECL80 Mullard, Triode pentode, alternative to 6AB82£3.50datasheet
V6b6AB8 Cossor, Triode pentode, alternative to ECL80 (in a Mullard box)1£3.50datasheet
V13EZ41 Mullard, Full wave rectifier (very feint lettering on unit)1£5.00datasheet
V34P4750 Pinnacle, Silicon diode 250V 750mA1£2.50image
V14PCF80 Mullard, Triode pentode, similar to 9A8 LZ319 LZ329 8A8 30C11£2.50datasheet
V5PCF80 Mullard, Triode pentode, similar to 9A8 LZ319 LZ329 8A8 30C11£2.50datasheet
V37PCF86 Mullard, Frequency changer for TV, equivalent to 8HG8 (in a Pinnacle box)1£2.50datasheet
V27PCF805 Mazda, Triode pentode oscillator and mixer for frequency changer circuits, equivalent to 30C18 7GV71£2.50web
V15PL81 Pinnacle, Line output pentode or series regulator, similar to 21A6 N152 N359 CV5077 (in a Mullard box)2£2.50datasheet
V16PL82 Mullard, Pentode, frame or sound output, equivalent to CV10709 (suspect used, no visible lettering, handwritten label)1£2.50datasheet
V17PY82 Mullard, Diode - rectifier, similar to 19Y3 U1921£2.50datasheet
V28U25 Mazda, EHT rectifier, equivalent to KY50 2L2 U471£5.00datasheet
V31VR105/30 OC3 Brimar, Voltage regulator (Brimar unit in Zaerex box)1£2.50datasheet
V322AS15A Thermosen Inc, temperature limited diode / voltage stabiliser, Kalotron Thermosen Inc, similar to 2AC15 (in a Kalotron box)1£10.00datasheet
V2530PL1 Mazda, Triode pentode, similar to PCL801 LN319 13GC81£2.50datasheet
V266/30L2 Mazda, Double triode, equivalent to 6GA8 B729 ECC8041£2.50datasheet
V216BW6 Zaerex, Miniature output beam tetrode, amplitude modulator, similar to CV2136 CV40432£4.50datasheet
V226CW4 Hitachi, High mµ VHF triode Nuvistor (Hitachi logo? in Zaerex box)1£7.50datasheet
V236SJ7 VT116 KEN–RAD, High gain screened pentode, equivalent to 6SJ7Y CV591 (marked JAN-CKR-6SJ7, KEN–RAD VT116)1£3.50datasheet

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Part numbers –
2AS15A, 30PL1, 6/30L2, 6AB8, 6BW6, 6CW4, 6SJ7, Brimar, Cossor, CV2901, DM160, EAF42, EBF83, EBF89, ECC84, ECL80, EF86, EL42, EZ41, Hitachi, Kalotron Thermosen Inc, Kalotron, Ken-rad, Marconi, Mazda, Mullard, P4750, P651, PCF80, PCF80, PCF805, PCF86, Pinnacle, PL81, PL82, PY82, Raphone, RTC, U25, UABC80, UBC41, UCC85, UF89, UY85, VR105/30 OC3, VT116, Zaerex, ZEA/200

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