Thermionic Valves (tubes)

Valves, thermionic valves, radio valves, tubes.  All our valves are N.O.S. = New Old Stock in their packing by Brimar, Cossor, Hitachi, Kalotron Thermosen Inc, Ken-rad, Marconi, Mazda, Mullard, Pinnacle, Raphone, RTC and Zaerex. for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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If known the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new parts unused in its original packing where possible, but may have bent leads.     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.

Valves - Tubes - Thermoelectronics
V33CV2901, AF amplifier pentode, similar to EF86 6267 6F22 Z729 6BK8 (marked with "Crow Foot", in Mullard box)1£10.00datasheet
V1DM160 Mullard, Voltage indicator tube for transistorised circuits, equivalent to CV5412 697761£2.00datasheet
V2EAF42 Mullard, Diode pentode with variable mµ1£5.00datasheet
V3EBF83 Mullard, Double diode pentode, low voltage anode, similar to 6DR81£2.50datasheet
V4EBF89 Mullard, Double diode variable mµ pentode, common cathode, similar to 6DC8 6FD12, used1£1.00datasheet
V30ECC84 Brimar, VHF double triode, similar to 6CW7 6L16 CV5281 (PCC84)1£3.00datasheet
V6ECL80 Mullard, Triode pentode, alternative to 6AB82£3.50datasheet
V6b6AB8 Cossor, Triode pentode, alternative to ECL80 (in a Mullard box)1£3.50datasheet
V8EF86 Raphone, AF amplifier pentode, similar to 6267 6F22 Z729 6BK8 CV2901, in Mullard box1£7.50datasheet
V9EL42 Mullard, Audio output pentode, similar to N151 CV38901£5.00datasheet
V13EZ41 Mullard, Full wave rectifier (very feint lettering on unit)1£5.00datasheet
V34P4750 Pinnacle, Silicon diode 250V 750mA1£2.00image
V36PC97 Pinnacle, Frame grid triode signal pre-amplifier, high mutual conductance, similar to 4FY51£2.00datasheet
V14PCF80 Mullard, Triode pentode, similar to 9A8 LZ319 LZ329 8A8 30C11£2.50datasheet
V5PCF80 Mullard, Triode pentode, similar to 9A8 LZ319 LZ329 8A8 30C11£2.50datasheet
V37PCF86 Mullard, Frequency changer for TV, equivalent to 8HG8 (in a Pinnacle box)1£2.50datasheet
V27PCF805 Mazda, Triode pentode oscillator and mixer for frequency changer circuits, equivalent to 30C18 7GV71£2.50web datasheet
V15PL81 Pinnacle, Line output pentode or series regulator, similar to 21A6 N152 N359 CV5077 (in a Mullard box)2£1.00datasheet
V16PL82 Mullard, Pentode, frame or sound output, equivalent to CV10709 (suspect used, no visible lettering, handwritten label)1£1.00datasheet
V17PY82 Mullard, Diode - rectifier, similar to 19Y3 U1921£2.50datasheet
V28U25 Mazda, EHT rectifier, equivalent to KY50 2L2 U471£5.00datasheet
V29UCC85 Marconi, VHF double triode, similar to 10L14 B109 (ECC85) (in an Elpico box)1£1.00datasheet
V19UF89 Mullard, Internally screened variable mµ pentode1£5.00datasheet
V31VR105/30 OC3 Brimar, Voltage regulator (Brimar unit in Zaerex box)1£2.50datasheet
V322AS15A Thermosen Inc, temperature limited diode / voltage stabiliser, Kalotron Thermosen Inc, similar to 2AC15 (in a Kalotron box)1£10.00datasheet
V2530PL1 Mazda, Triode pentode, similar to PCL801 LN319 13GC81£2.50datasheet
V266/30L2 Mazda, Double triode, equivalent to 6GA8 B729 ECC8041£1.50datasheet
V216BW6 Zaerex, Miniature output beam tetrode, amplitude modulator, similar to CV2136 CV40432£4.50datasheet
V226CW4 Hitachi, High mµ VHF triode Nuvistor (Hitachi logo? in Zaerex box)1£7.50datasheet
V236SJ7 VT116 KEN-RAD, High gain screened pentode, equivalent to 6SJ7Y CV591 (marked JAN-CKR-6SJ7, KEN-RAD VT116)1£3.50datasheet

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Part numbers -
2AS15A, 30PL1, 6/30L2, 6AB8, 6BW6, 6CW4, 6SJ7, Brimar, Cossor, CV2901, DM160, EAF42, EBF83, EBF89, ECC84, ECL80, EF86, EL42, EZ41, Hitachi, Kalotron Thermosen Inc, Kalotron, Ken-rad, Marconi, Mazda, Mullard, P4750, P651, PCF80, PCF80, PCF805, PCF86, Pinnacle, PL81, PL82, PY82, Raphone, RTC, U25, UABC80, UBC41, UCC85, UF89, UY85, VR105/30 OC3, VT116, Zaerex, ZEA/200

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