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Op-amps, comparators, over voltage sensing, crowbar circuits, differential amplifiers, colour TV synchronisation, analog multiplexers, analog switches, voltage to frequency and frequency to voltage converters, low and micropower op-amps, 4-20mA transmitters, and more. for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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If known the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new parts unused in its original packing where possible, but may have bent leads.     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.

Comparators | Multiplexers - switches | Miscellaneous | A/D
F1885AD583K (LF198/LF298/LF398) sample and hold gated op-amp (DIP14)1£5.00datasheet
A1215CA3140E 4.5MHz op-amp (DIP08)49£0.60datasheet
A1280ICL7611DCPA 1.4MHz CMOS op-amp (DIP08)10£1.00datasheet
MS45INA102KP High accuracy instrumentation amplifier Burr Brown (DIP16)5£5.00datasheet
C2107LM318E Single high performance op-amp (DIP08)4£1.00datasheet
A1214LM324N Quad op-amp (DIP14)48£0.25datasheet
C2136LM348 Quad 1Mhz op-amp (DIP14)8£0.20datasheet
G1213LM733CN Differential amplifier (DIP14)15£3.00datasheet
B1624OP07CN Precision op-amp (DIP08)41£1.00datasheet
C2270OP37GP High speed precision op-amp (DIP08)4£2.00datasheet
B2055OP400GP Quad low offset low power op-amp (DIP14)14£6.00datasheet
B2077OP77G Ultra low offset op-amp (DIP08)6£0.50datasheet
B1500aOP081CP JFET-Input operational amplifiers (DIP08)6£0.25datasheet
B2234OP90GP Single micropower op-amp (DIP08)11£2.50datasheet
C2331OPA445AP High Voltage FET-Input operational amplifier BB: (DIP08) similar FEC:12123124£5.00datasheet
C5OPA548 High voltage high, current operational amplifier RS:652-5678 or FEC:1564885 (7 pin TO220-7b)5£10.00datasheet
B1721TL064CN Quad op-amp (DIP14)12£0.40datasheet
B1500bTL081CP JFET-Input operational amplifiers (DIP08)4£0.25datasheet
A1200UA741CP General purpose op-amp (DIP08)90£0.30datasheet

Amplifiers | Multiplexers - switches | Miscellaneous | A/D
B1749ICL8211CPA Programmable voltage detector (DIP08)4£3.00datasheet
A1201LM311N Single voltage comparator (DIP08)150£0.20datasheet
B1771LM339N Quad comparator (DIP14)77£0.50datasheet
C16LM393 Dual comparator ST: (SO14)94£0.10datasheet
C18LP339M Quad comparator N: (SO14)75£0.20datasheet
C11TLC372C Dual differential comparators ST: (SO08)119£0.30datasheet
MF3TLC372C Dual differential comparators Ti: (SO08) reeled2250£0.30datasheet

Amplifiers | Comparators | Miscellaneous | A/D
Multiplexers - Switches
C1884AD7501KN 1-8 analog multiplexer Analog Devices (DIP16)3£10.00datasheet
MS29CD4051BCN 8-Channel analog multiplexer demultiplexer, similar to FEC:1014040 (DIP16)22£0.50datasheet
MZ2CD4066BCN Quad bilateral switch National Semiconductor, similar RS:528-404 (DIP14)1£0.25datasheet
B1673DG308ACJ Quad CMOS analog switch (DIP16)78£2.00datasheet
C1974HCF4051BE 8-Channel analog multiplexer demultiplexer (DIP16)20£0.50datasheet
B1668HEF4052BE Dual 4-Channel analog multiplexer de-multiplexer (DIP16)51£0.50datasheet
B1672MC14551BCP Quad 2-Channel analog multiplexer de-multiplexer (DIP16)13£1.00datasheet

Amplifiers | Comparators | Multiplexers - switches | A/D
B1674AD650JN V-F and F-V converter (DIP14)2£12.50datasheet
A1395ICL7660CPA Switched capacitor voltage converter (DIP08)11£0.75datasheet
C2271ICL7662OPA CMOS voltage converter Harris (DIP08)3£2.50datasheet
H1863ICL8069CCZR 1.23V bandgap reference ICL8069, RS:428-969 (DIP08)17£0.80datasheet
H1666LH0070-0H 10V reference (TO5)17£6.00datasheet
C15MAX761CSA DC-DC step-up converter 12V, FEC:1673220 (SO08)45£4.00datasheet
A1387MC3423P1 Over Voltage Crowbar Sensing Circuit (DIP08)45£0.75datasheet
C13REF192GS Micropower voltage reference, FEC:9605207 (SO08)36£1.50datasheet
F29LM188N Video synch separator RS:533-9690 (DIP08)2£1.00datasheet
K1501TDA2593 Colour TV synchronisation and horizontal deflection (DIP16)2£10.00datasheet
MX31XTR101AP 4-20mA precision low drift two wire transmitter Burr Brown, RS:647-615 or FEC:1652277 (DIP14)2£12.00datasheet
C2283XTR110KP 4-20Ma transmitter, Precision voltage to current converter Burr Brown, RS:647-621 or FEC:1353888 (DIP16)1£12.00datasheet
S46LM35DZ precision temperature sensor, was FEC:409-091, is RS:533-5907 FEC:94882001£0.50datasheet
D18LTA 50P/SP1 50A/160A Hall effect current transducer Heme, PCB mount5£15.00datasheet

Amplifiers | Comparators | Multiplexers - switches | Miscellaneous
Analog to Digital
MM21TLC2543 11 channel 12 bit serial ADC Texas Instrument, FEC:1470333 or RS:517-2087 (SO20)15£5.00datasheet

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Part numbers -
OP07CN, OP37GP, TL064CN, OP77G, OP081CN, OP90GP, LM318E, LM324N, LM348, OP400GP, OPA548, AD583K, LM733CN, UA741CP, CA3140E, A1280, LM311N, LM339N, LM339, TLC372C, ICL8211CPA, DG308ACJ, HCF4051BE, HEF4052BE, MC14551BCP, AD7501KN, AD650JN, ICL7660CPA, ICL7662OPA, ICL8069CCZR, LH0070-0H, MAX761CSA, MC3423P1, NE5521N, REF192GS, TDA2593, XTR101AP, XTR110KP

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