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op–amps, comparators, over voltage sensing, crowbar circuits, differential amplifiers, colour TV synchronisation, analog multiplexers, analog switches, voltage to frequency and frequency to voltage converters, low and micropower op–amps, 4-20mA transmitters, and more. for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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If known, the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components, National Semiconductor, Maxim, Burr Brown, Etc.).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new unused parts in their original packing where possible, but may have bent leads, the packing may be degraded (E.G. bandolier fed components).     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.  All components are supplied untested as we do not have any facilities to do so.

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Comparators | Multiplexers - switches | Miscellaneous | A/D
F1885AD583K (LF198/LF298/LF398) sample and hold gated op–amp (DIP14)1£5.00datasheet
A1215CA3140E 4.5MHz op–amp (DIP08)49£0.60datasheet
A1280ICL7611DCPA 1.4MHz CMOS op–amp (DIP08)10£1.00datasheet
MS45INA102KP High accuracy instrumentation amplifier Burr Brown (DIP16)5£5.00datasheet
C2107LM318E Single high performance op–amp (DIP08)4£1.00datasheet
A1214LM324N Quad op–amp (DIP14)48£0.25datasheet
C2136LM348 Quad 1Mhz op–amp (DIP14)8£0.20datasheet
G1213LM733CN Differential amplifier (DIP14)15£3.00datasheet
B1624OP07CN Precision op–amp (DIP08)41£1.00datasheet
C2270OP37GP High speed precision op–amp (DIP08)4£2.00datasheet
B2055OP400GP Quad low offset low power op–amp (DIP14)14£6.00datasheet
B2077OP77G Ultra low offset op–amp (DIP08)6£0.50datasheet
OP081CP JFET-Input operational amplifiers (DIP08)6£0.25datasheet
B2234OP90GP Single micropower op–amp (DIP08)14£2.50datasheet
C2331OPA445AP High Voltage FET–Input operational amplifier BB: (DIP08) similar FEC:12123124£5.00datasheet
C5OPA548 High voltage high, current operational amplifier RS:652-5678 or FEC:1564885 (7 pin TO220–7b)5£10.00datasheet
B1721TL064CN Quad op–amp (DIP14)12£0.40datasheet
TL081CP JFET–Input operational amplifiers (DIP08)4£0.25datasheet
A1200UA741CP General purpose op–amp (DIP08)90£0.30datasheet

Amplifiers | Multiplexers - switches | Miscellaneous | A/D
B1749ICL8211CPA Programmable voltage detector (DIP08)4£3.00datasheet
A1201LM311N Single voltage comparator (DIP08)150£0.20datasheet
B1771LM339N Quad comparator (DIP14)77£0.50datasheet
C16LM393 Dual comparator ST: (SO14)94£0.10datasheet
C18LP339M Quad comparator N: (SO14)75£0.20datasheet
C11TLC372C Dual differential comparators ST: (SO08)119£0.30datasheet
MF3TLC372C Dual differential comparators Ti: (SO08) reeled2250£0.30datasheet

Amplifiers | Comparators | Miscellaneous | A/D
Multiplexers - Switches
C1884AD7501KN 1–8 analog multiplexer Analog Devices (DIP16)3£10.00datasheet
MS29CD4051BCN 8–Channel analog multiplexer de–multiplexer, similar to FEC:1014040 (DIP16)22£0.50datasheet
MZ2CD4066BCN Quad bilateral switch National Semiconductor, similar RS:528-404 (DIP14)1£0.25datasheet
B1673DG308ACJ Quad CMOS analog switch (DIP16)78£2.00datasheet
C1974HCF4051BE 8–Channel analog multiplexer de–multiplexer (DIP16)20£0.50datasheet
B1668HEF4052BE Dual 4–Channel analog multiplexer de–multiplexer (DIP16)51£0.50datasheet
B1672MC14551BCP Quad 2–Channel analog multiplexer de–multiplexer (DIP16)7£1.50datasheet

Amplifiers | Comparators | Multiplexers - switches | A/D
B1674AD650JN V–F and F–V converter (DIP14)2£12.50datasheet
A1395ICL7660CPA Switched capacitor voltage converter (DIP08)11£0.75datasheet
C2271ICL7662OPA CMOS voltage converter Harris (DIP08)3£2.50datasheet
H1863ICL8069CCZR 1.23V bandgap reference ICL8069, RS:428-969 (DIP08)17£0.80datasheet
H1666LH0070-0H 10V reference (TO5)2£7.50datasheet
C15MAX761CSA DC–DC step–up converter 12V, FEC:1673220 (SO08)45£4.00datasheet
A1387MC3423P1 Over Voltage Crowbar Sensing Circuit (DIP08)45£0.75datasheet
C13REF192GS Micropower voltage reference, FEC:9605207 (SO08)36£1.50datasheet
F29LM188N Video synch separator RS:533-9690 (DIP08)2£1.00datasheet
K1501TDA2593 Colour TV synchronisation and horizontal deflection (DIP16)2£10.00datasheet
MX31XTR101AP 4–20mA precision low drift two wire transmitter Burr Brown, RS:647-615 or FEC:1652277 (DIP14)2£12.00datasheet
C2283XTR110KP 4–20Ma transmitter, Precision voltage to current converter Burr Brown, RS:647-621 or FEC:1353888 (DIP16)1£12.00datasheet
S46LM35DZ precision temperature sensor, was FEC:409-091, is RS:533-5907 FEC:94882001£0.50datasheet
D18LTA 50P/SP1 50A/160A Hall effect current transducer Heme, PCB mount5£15.00datasheet

Amplifiers | Comparators | Multiplexers - switches | Miscellaneous
Analog to Digital
MM21TLC2543 11 channel 12 bit serial ADC Texas Instrument, FEC:1470333 or RS:517-2087 (SO20)15£5.00datasheet

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Part numbers –
OP07CN, OP37GP, TL064CN, OP77G, OP081CN, OP90GP, LM318E, LM324N, LM348, OP400GP, OPA548, AD583K, LM733CN, UA741CP, CA3140E, A1280, LM311N, LM339N, LM339, TLC372C, ICL8211CPA, DG308ACJ, HCF4051BE, HEF4052BE, MC14551BCP, AD7501KN, AD650JN, ICL7660CPA, ICL7662OPA, ICL8069CCZR, LH0070-0H, MAX761CSA, MC3423P1, NE5521N, REF192GS, TDA2593, XTR101AP, XTR110KP

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