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If known, the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components, MuRata, Traco Power, MeanWell, Etc.).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new unused parts in their original packing where possible, but may have bent leads, the packing may be degraded (E.G. bandolier fed components).     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.  All components are supplied untested as we do not have any facilities to do so.

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Power supplies
Voltage Regulators
G139678L05 +5V 0.1A voltage regulator TI, similar to FEC:1467367 or RS:189-1295 (TO92)24£0.15datasheet
A10127912CT -12V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490426 or RS:516-6212 (TO220)229£0.40datasheet
A10487915CT -15V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490450 or RS:534-3914 (TO220)254£0.25datasheet
G208979L05 -5V 0.1A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1467369 or RS:189-1368 (TO92)13£0.20datasheet
MM979L12 -12V 0.1A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490396 or RS:536-0010 (TO92)82£0.40datasheet
MX37KA7812 +12V 1A voltage regulator Fairchild KA7812, RS:739-0451 (TO220)2£0.75datasheet
MX12L200C +2.85-36V 2A adjustable voltage / current regulator, similar to FEC:1094204 or RS:370-9637 (Pentawatt TO220-5pin)2£1.00datasheet
H15L296 +40V 4A switching regulator ST: (Multiwatt), FEC:1094207 or RS:631-6481£2.50datasheet
F1016L7805CV +5V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1467760 or RS:298-8514 (TO220)28£0.30datasheet
MX13L78S12CV +12V 2A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9756132 or RS:633-032 (TO220)14£0.40datasheet
H17LM2594 +60V 0.5A DC-DC step down switching regulator National Semiconductor, RS:533-3535 or FEC:1469191 (DIP08)1£2.00datasheet
MA57LM2599T-5.0 5V 3A switching regulator, was FEC:789-823 now FEC:9494103 RS:761-4996 (7 pin TO220)1£1.75datasheet
H1LM2825N-5.0 5V 1A simple switcher National Semiconductor, RS:533-5525 FEC:9486313 (DIP24)1£15.00datasheet
G1LM317LZ +1.25-37V 100mA adjustable voltage regulator, was RS:303-179 now RS:533-5711 or FEC:9488545 (TO92)1£0.30datasheet
C1518LM317T +1.25-37V 1.5A adjustable voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9489398 or RS:533-8209 (TO220)76£0.50datasheet
G1638LM338K +1.25-32V 5A adjustable voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1094254 or RS:300-9577 (TO3)9£5.00datasheet
G9LM340T15 +15V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490329 or RS:460-764 (TO220)1£0.75datasheet
H20LT2C41 Lariteck DC-DC converter +48V in +5V out (same package as TEM2-2411, equ Murata NDY4805)2£10.00datasheet
G30NMA0515SC +5V DC-DC converter 4.5-5.5V DC in +15V out, RS:544-2538 or FEC:1021433 MuRata4£3.50datasheet
G16NMA1515S +15V DC-DC converter 13.5-16.5V DC in, RS:706-5063 TracoPower or FEC:1562184 MuRata4£2.00datasheet
C2413NMA2415S 24V to +/-15V 1W DC-DC supply, similar to FEC:1021447 or RS:544-2803 (SIP)7£5.00datasheet
G19NMA2415D 24V to +/-15V 1W DC-DC supply, similar to FEC:8727643 (DIP)1£5.00datasheet
HA50NMV1215SAC 12V to 15V 1W DC-DC supply Murata, FEC:10214581£5.00imageNMV1215SAC datasheet
A1310RC4194DB +/-42V 0.2A dual tracking voltage regulator (DIP14)16£5.00datasheet
A1014T7815CT +15V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1150462 or RS:298-8558 (TO220)172£0.25datasheet
H18TEM2-2411 +5V 2W DC-DC converter regulated (same package as Lariteck LT2C41) RS:156-39121£7.50datasheet
HA49TSR 1-2450 24V to 5V 5W DC-DC supply Traco Power, FEC:16963201£2.50imageTSR 1-2450 datasheet
A1888UA723CN +37V 0.15A precision voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9489355 or RS:126-6368 (DIP14)1£0.50datasheet
G1221UA78S40PC +1.25V-40V 1.5A universal switching regulator subsystem, similar to FEC:9488049 or RS:460-960 (DIP16)26£1.00datasheet
A1015UA7905UC -5V 1.5A regulator, similar to FEC:1236603 or RS:661-6746 (TO220)68£0.25datasheet

Power Supplies
F102S8PS-10024CD 24V 4.5A 100W covered switch mode power supply DIN rail mount Omron, was RS:338-1469 currently FEC:15232271£45.00datasheet
MX41CFM100-24-1, 24V 4A 100W open switch mode power supply 90 VAC to 264 VAC Cincon1£45.00imagedatasheet
MX42PPS200-24, 24V 8A open switch mode power supply with PFS 90 VAC to 264 VAC, MeanWell1£50.00imagedatasheet
S42PVP132-009A-?? +/-15V +/-12V power supply max 20VA all regulated 230/215V in (110V?)3£10.00image

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Part numbers –
NMV1215SAC, TSR 1-2450, S8PS-10024CD, L200C, LM317T, LM338, UA723CN, NMA2415S, RC4194DB, L7805CV, L78S12CV, 78L05, T7815CT, UA78S40PC, UA7905UC, 79L05, 7912CT, 79L12, 7915CT

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