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If known the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new parts unused in its original packing where possible, but may have bent leads.     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.

Power supplies
Voltage Regulators
G139678L05 +5V 0.1A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1467367 or RS:189-1295 (TO92)27£0.15datasheet
A10127912CT -12V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490426 or RS:516-6212 (TO220)229£0.40datasheet
A10487915CT -15V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490450 or RS:534-3914 (TO220)254£0.25datasheet
G208979L05 -5V 0.1A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1467369 or RS:189-1368 (TO92)13£0.20datasheet
MM979L12 -12V 0.1A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490396 or RS:536-0010 (TO92)82£0.40datasheet
MX37KA7812 +12V 1A voltage regulator Fairchild KA7812, RS:739-0451 (TO220)2£0.75datasheet
MX12L200C +2.85-36V 2A adjustable voltage / current regulator, similar to FEC:1094204 or RS:370-9637 (Pentawatt TO220-5pin)2£1.00datasheet
H15L296 +40V 4A switching regulator ST: (Multiwatt), FEC:1094207 or RS:631-6481£2.50datasheet
F1016L7805CV +5V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1467760 or RS:298-8514 (TO220)28£0.30datasheet
MX13L78S12CV +12V 2A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9756132 or RS:633-032 (TO220)14£0.40datasheet
H17LM2594 +60V 0.5A DC-DC step down switching regulator National Semiconductor, RS:533-3535 or FEC:1469191 (DIP08)1£2.00datasheet
MA57LM2599T-5.0 5V 3A switching regulator, was FEC:789-823 now FEC:9494103 RS:761-4996 (7 pin TO220)1£1.75datasheet
H1LM2825N-5.0 5V 1A simple switcher National Semiconductor, RS:533-5525 FEC:9486313 (DIP24)1£15.00datasheet
G1LM317LZ +1.25-37V 100mA adjustable voltage regulator, was RS:303-179 now RS:533-5711 or FEC:9488545 (TO92)1£0.30datasheet
C1518LM317T +1.25-37V 1.5A adjustable voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9489398 or RS:533-8209 (TO220)76£0.50datasheet
G1638LM338K +1.25-32V 5A adjustable voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1094254 or RS:300-9577 (TO3)9£5.00datasheet
G9LM340T15 +15V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9490329 or RS:460-764 (TO220)1£0.75datasheet
H20LT2C41 Lariteck DC-DC converter +48V in +5V out (same package as TEM2-2411, equ Murata NDY4805)2£10.00datasheet
G16NMA1515S +15V DC-DC converter 13.5-16.5V DC in, 100V Isolation, RS:706-5063 TracoPower or FEC:1562184 MuRata4£2.00datasheet
C2413NMA2415S 24V to +/-15V 1W DC-DC supply, similar to FEC:1021447 or RS:544-2803 (SIP)7£5.00datasheet
A1310RC4194DB +/-42V 0.2A dual tracking voltage regulator (DIP14)16£5.00datasheet
A1014T7815CT +15V 1.5A voltage regulator, similar to FEC:1150462 or RS:298-8558 (TO220)172£0.25datasheet
H18TEM2-2411 +5V 2W DC-DC converter regulated (same package as Lariteck LT2C41) RS:156-39121£7.50datasheet
A1888UA723CN +37V 0.15A precision voltage regulator, similar to FEC:9489355 or RS:126-6368 (DIP14)1£0.50datasheet
G1221UA78S40PC +1.25V-40V 1.5A universal switching regulator subsystem, similar to FEC:9488049 or RS:460-960 (DIP16)26£1.00datasheet
A1015UA7905UC -5V 1.5A regulator, similar to FEC:1236603 or RS:661-6746 (TO220)68£0.25datasheet

Power Supplies
F102S8PS-10024CD 24V 4.5A 100W covered switch mode power supply DIN rail mount Omron, was RS:338-1469 currently FEC:15232271£45.00datasheet
MX41CFM100-24-1, 24V 4A 100W open switch mode power supply 90 VAC to 264 VAC Cincon1£45.00image datasheet
MX42PPS200-24, 24V 8A open switch mode power supply with PFS 90 VAC to 264 VAC, MeanWell1£50.00image datasheet
S42PVP132-009A-?? +/-15V +/-12V power supply max 20VA all regulated 230/215V in (110V?)3£10.00image

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Part numbers -
S8PS-10024CD, L200C, LM317T, LM338, UA723CN, NMA2415S, RC4194DB, L7805CV, L78S12CV, 78L05, T7815CT, UA78S40PC, UA7905UC, 79L05, 7912CT, 79L12, 7915CT

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