Electrolytics from 0.47µF to 10,000uF, Ceramic plate 22pF to 22nF, Tantalum bead, Multi-layer Ceramic, Metalised polyester, and more. for those hard to find or obsolete electronic parts, excess inventory, components and surface mount parts.

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If known, the manufacturer or supplier is listed in the item description (FEC: = Farnell, RS: = RS Components, Vishay, Kemet, Etc.).     N.O.S. = New Old Stock, new unused parts in their original packing where possible, but may have bent leads, the packing may be degraded (E.G. bandolier fed components).     All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.  All components are supplied untested as we do not have any facilities to do so.

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Ceramic | Surface mount | Polyester | Tantalum | Hardware | Polypropylene
J11920.22µF 63V 5mm pitch radial PCB430£0.05image
J11910.47µF 63V 5mm pitch radial PCB590£0.10image
MF931µF 50V Dubilier DVC1501600£0.02datasheet
H18671µF 63V 7.5Lx4D radial385£0.03image
J20122.2µF 63V 7Lx4Dx1.5P radial45£0.05image
MF944.7µF 35V Panasonic ECEV1VA4R71170£0.05datasheet
4.7µF 50V Panasonic ECEV1HAR4R7 Dubilier DVC4.7501850£0.05datasheet
H13824.7µF 63V 12Hx5Dx2P radial940£0.80image
E105410µF 35V 7.6Hx5.2Dx2.0P radial4590£0.05image
G999710µF 100V 12Hx8DX4.5P radial76£0.15image
MS245722µF 100V 13Lx8.5Dx3.5p radial1434£0.05image
F119347µF 10V 15Hx5.3D axial PCB56£0.10image
J1194100µF 25V 18Hx6D axial PCB126£0.10image
H1912100µF 25V 12Lx8D radial97£0.05image
MM9999100µF 50V 15Hx10Dx5P radial780£0.15image
H1242100µF 63V 13Lx10D5P radial Dubilier80£0.05image
G1561100µF 63V 17Lx10D axial52£0.15image
MX43100µF 100V 21Lx13D radial PCB by Jamicon SPK101M2AJ, was FEC:667-65118£0.25imageimage
MX3220µF 10V CEBM22010 11Lx6.3D2.5P radial Dubilier, similar to RS:520-1400 or FEC:1823627795£0.10datasheet
K2194220µF 63V 25Lx10D axial ELGEN50£0.20image
J1243470µF 10V 12Lx8D3.5P radial180£0.10image
F1419470µF 10V 21Lx10.5D axial29£0.20image
MG55470µF 35V 21Hx10Dx5P radial, similar to RS:521-217989£0.15image
G1379470µF 63V 26Hx16Dx7.5P radial14£0.80datasheet
MG58680µF 50V 20Hx16Dx7.5P radial, similar to FEC:969245280£0.40datasheet
D2481680µF 100V 40Hx18.5Dx7P radial495£2.00image
MG541000µF 10V 16Hx10Dx5P radial223£0.05image
J14411000µF 25V 30Lx12D axial28£0.20image
H16301000µF 25V 20Lx10D radial98£0.35image
MG561000µF 50V 27Hx12Dx5P radial RS:228-6931200£0.15datasheet
J20902200µF 25V 26Lx16D7.5p radial97£0.05image
MA22200µF 63V 40Hx22D10p radial 8129(M), was FEC:105042 similar FEC:24762555£1.00imagedatasheet
D21154700µF 16V 32Lx16D axial140£0.80image
D17144700µF 50V 41Hx22Dx10P radial180£1.50image
D2325470µF 50V 26Lx13D axial160£0.80image
K23214700µF 100V 76Hx41Dx10P terminals Philips4£4.00image
H191110000µF 25V 32Lx30D10P radial24£1.00image
MA1210000µF 63V 43Hx35Dx10P snap-in Dubilier SLP103M063 FEC:1604433 or RS:25500 8123313£4.00datasheet
D119510000µF 63V 76Hx41Dx10P terminals Philips65£6.00image

Electrolytic | Surface mount | Polyester | Tantalum | Hardware | Polypropylene
MG24.7pF 2.54P disc780£0.05image
G227810pF 63V 5.08P plate98£0.07datasheet
MX2610pF 100V 2.50P NPO plate Anglia:099113 (CTC Miniature Disc Ceramic, type DC3)750£0.03datasheet
K242122pF 63V 5.08P plate300£0.05datasheet
G115027pF 63V 5.08P plate150£0.05datasheet
G114947pF 63V 5.08P plate375£0.05datasheet
G1309100pF 63V 5.08P plate250£0.05datasheet
G1549270pF 63V 5.08P plate62£0.05datasheet
H1494470pF 63V 5.08P plate170£0.05datasheet
J1148820pF 100V 5.08P plate360£0.05datasheet
MG642200pF 63V 5.08P plate800£0.05datasheet
J125510nF 63V 5.08P plate520£0.08datasheet
MG5222nF 63V 5.08P disc780£0.02image
MG5322nF 100V 2.54P X7R ceramic multi–layer radial MCDR25223X7RK4950£0.10datasheet

Electrolytic | Ceramic | Polyester | Tantalum | Hardware | Polypropylene
Surface Mount
MF77Ceramic 10pF 50V NPO 5% C3216COG1H100DT TDK (1206)2200£0.02datasheet
MF89Ceramic 33pF 63V NPO 5% DSU1206C330JN Dubilier (1206)3000£0.02datasheet
Ceramic 100pF 50V 5% NPO DSU1206C101JN Dubilier (1206)3800£0.02datasheet
MF86Ceramic 220pF 63V NPO DSU1206C221JN Dubilier (1206)3100£0.02datasheet
MS10Ceramic 220pF 100V 5% COG C1206C221J1GAC Kemet (1206)1965£0.02datasheet
MF76Ceramic 1nF 50V NPO DSU1206C102JN Dubilier (1206)2800£0.02datasheet
MF79Ceramic 1nF 50V 10% GRM42-6 Murata (1206)2300£0.02datasheet
MS8Ceramic 1nF 500V 5% 1206J5000102JCT COG Syfer Technology (1206)2487£0.05datasheet
MS6Ceramic 2.2nF 50V NPO/COG GRM2165C1H222JA Murata (0805)2935£0.02datasheet
Ceramic 2.2nF 63V NPO DSU1206C222JN Dubilier (1206)6000£0.02datasheet
MF80Ceramic 10nF 50V 10% GRM42-6 Murata (1206)2900£0.02datasheet
MF88Ceramic 22nF 63V NPO DSU1206C223JN Dubilier (1206)3700£0.02datasheet
MF90Ceramic 33nF 50V GRM42 Murata (1206)3800£0.02datasheet
Ceramic 47nF 50V GRM42 Murata (1206)7500£0.02datasheet
Ceramic 100nF 50V 10% GRM42-6 Murata (1206)6000£0.02datasheet
MF82Ceramic 100nF 63V NPO DSU1206C104JN Dubilier (1206)1400£0.02datasheet
MS11Ceramic 220nF 50V x7R GRM31MR71H224KA Murata (1206)3895£0.02datasheet
S23Ceramic 1µF 25V 10% X7R GRM31MR71E105 Murata, similar to RS:653-0563 (1206)1795£0.01datasheet
MF84Ceramic 1µF 50V 20% NPO DSU1206C105JN Dubilier (1206)1500£0.02datasheet
MS7Ceramic 1µF 100V Y5V GJ232RF52A105ZD GRM235 Murata (1206)747£0.05datasheet
MS19Electrolytic 10µF 25V VE1E100MF2R 5x5.3 Nover RoHS890£0.10datasheet
MS15Electrolytic 33µF 25V VE1E330MF3R Nover (case D)972£0.05datasheet
MS14Electrolytic 47µF 25V EEVFC1E470P Panasonic FEC:4434754 (case E)965£0.20datasheet
MF85Electrolytic 100µF 50V 20% (case F) FEC:156681296£0.30datasheet

Electrolytic | Ceramic | Surface mount | Tantalum | Hardware | Polypropylene
MG600.68µF 400V Metalised polyester Vishay BC components - 2222 368 55684, FEC:30435980£0.25datasheet
MG6133nF 63V boxed 0.2" Metalised polyester, similar to RS:108-2356248£0.10datasheet

Electrolytic | Ceramic | Surface mount | Polyester | Hardware | Polypropylene
MF831µF 16V Murata GRM42 (1206)2800£0.05datasheet
G13881µF 35V60£0.20image
MF924.7µF 16V Murata GRM42 (1206)800£0.05datasheet

Electrolytic | Ceramic | Surface mount | Polyester | Tantalum | Polypropylene
Miscellaneous Hardware
J1V3 size metal capacitor clamp 35mm diameter, similar to FEC:30652663£0.30datasheet
J2V9 size metal capacitor clamp 40mm diameter, similar to FEC:118727616£0.60datasheet

Electrolytic | Ceramic | Surface mount | Polyester | Tantalum | Hardware
MA31Polypropylene 470pf 250VDC pulse capacitor, Evox-Rifa PFR5391H100L4, was RS:240-479124£0.40datasheet

Further stock clearance and disposal items
Capacitors | Connectors | Linear | Logic | Misc | Regulators | Resistors | Transistors | Valves

Part numbers –
47µF 25V, FEC:4434754, 10µF 35V, 820pF 100V, 47pF 63V, 27pF 63V, 0.47µF 63V, 0.22µF 63V, 47µF 10V, 100µF 25V, 10000µF 63V, 100µF 63V, 470µF 10V, 10nF 63V, 100pF 63V, 470µF 63V, 4.7µF 63V, 1µF 35V, 470µF 10V, 1000µF 25V, 470pF 63V, 270pF 63V, 100µF 63V, 1000µF 25V, 4,700µF 50V, 1µF 63V, 10000µF 25V, 100µF 25V, 2.2µF 63V, 2200µF 25V 4700µF 16V, 220µF 63V, 10pF 63V, 4700µF 100V, 470µF 50V, 22pF 63V, 22µF 100V, 680µF 100V, 100µF 50V, 10µF 100V, 22nF 63V, 22nF 100V X7R, 1000µF 10V, 470µF 35V, 1000µF 50V, 680µF 50V, 4.7pF, 0.68µF 400V, 33nF 63V, 2200pF 63V, ECEV1VA4R7SR, ECEV1HAR4R7SR, 141-4727, 476-5898, DSU1206C102JN, C3216COG1H100DT000A, DSU1206C101JN, GRM42-6, Murata GRM42-6, DSU1206C104JN, DSU1206C105JN, 156-681, DSU1206C221JN, DSU1206C222JN, DSU1206C223JN, DSU1206C330JN, GRM42, 2222 368 55684, FEC:304359, RS:108-2356, FEC:306526, FEC:1187276, DVC150, DVC4.750

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